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Debate Things

Debate Whatever You Want

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Live Debate, where you debate things. Simple, no? Anyone with an opinion is aloud in. You don't have to be Democratic, Republican, or have a speck of decency in you as long as you follow the rules.

Moderator: newbia can be contacted at sherikin@hotmail.com

The Rules

1)-- You have to fill out an application once you join. This is mostly for the sake of curiosity, but people can complain if they think you're breaking the rules. If three people complain about your application, than the moderator reserves the right to ban you.

2)-- This community is for intelligent discussion. Therefore, your grammar and spelling must match your IQ. Your posts must be coherent. No substituting "ppl" for "people", "ur stpd" for "your argument doesn't make sense", "roftl" for "How clever! Ha ha ha ha ha!", "um yeah lol i guess" for "I can't think of a good answer", et cetera.

3)-- No flaming. All insults must be passive-aggressive and filled with links to websites that prove that your opponent's argument is infantile, not well thought out, and just plain dumb. However, you are encouraged to argue, as long as you are both arguing using logic and not insults. It would be boring to have someone say, "Doesn't Bush suck?" and have 17 people reply, "He sure does!", and it would be even worse to have someone say, "Doesn't Bush suck?" and have someone reply, "Only idiots say that! Therefore, you are right and I am wrong!"

4)-- If you want to talk about something that is not related to the community, make sure that you put at the end of a regular post. For example, a post containing nothing but an advertisement for a different community is not allowed. If you copy and paste that advertisement and put it at the bottom of link to a news article, then it's fine.

5)-- Feel free to post links to news stories and sites so that we can discuss them. Just make sure it's not just the link, say what you think of it.

6)-- Conversation is not limited to serious subjects. If you want to discuss whether Orlando Bloom is overrated or you're just dying to convert a poor, misguided Harry/Hermione shipper to the right ship, that's fine. Just make sure there will be actual discussion.