the nonconformist penguin and the Almighty Bob (newbia) wrote in live_debate,
the nonconformist penguin and the Almighty Bob

The Application

~The Application of DOOM~

Things to Know About Me

Name: This is not your real name, just what you wish to be called. Give a reason for the nickname, even if it’s your real name. Odin. I am called that because it sounds cool, and my parents named me that after my grandfather.

Miscellaneous Stuff: Post whatever you want about yourself. You don’t have to tell us your age, gender, religion et cetera unless you want to, but you must say something. I am 13 years old, Jewish, and in 9th grade. I used to stalk Gwen Stefani. I swore on the grave of my parents to fight crime.

Favorite Things: Post your favorite things, though they don’t have to be normal favorites like color, band, et cetera. Just post your favorite something. Tell us why. Singer: Gwen Stefani, because she kicks ass. Actor: Johnny Depp, because he's hot. Dictator: Adolf Hitler, because he's a total babe. Food: human brains, because they're delicious.

Least Favorite Things: Things that piss you off or annoy you. Singer: Gwen Stefani, because she has a bad voice. Actor: Johnny Depp, because he's too popular. Dictator: Adolf Hitler, because the Holocaust totally sucked. Food: human brains, because they're slimy.

Picture: Do not, under any circumstances, post an actual picture of yourself. Post a picture representing yourself instead. It has to relate to you in some way, but it can’t be you. We’re not shallow snobs who care too much for outer beauty, we’re intelligent snobs who think we’re much better at talking and un-shallower than everybody else. I am posting this abstract painting of a flower because it represents the empty emptiness of existence and my own inner torment. I am posting this photograph of a puppy because I think puppies are adorable. I am posting this photo of Adolf Hitler because he is my idol. I am posting this picture of my boyfriend because I love him.

My Opinions

Post your opinions on three different subjects. They can be whatever you're most passionate about. Three paragraphs would be good, but you can have less or more as long as the quality is better than the quantity.

Final Statement

Write anything you want, anything at all. Rant, rave, gush, fan girl, ask for homework help, beg for forgiveness, post an essay you wrote, post a fan fiction you wrote, post pornographic pictures, what ever you want.

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